Wispr ® Digital Otoscope. A New Standard In Otoscopes.

Digital Technology Meets Tradition

The Wispr was designed as a direct replacement of the traditional otoscope while delivering many of the benefits of high-quality, computer-based digital otoscope systems. Now high-quality digital otoscopy is accessible for all physicians in an every day, every exam otoscope with the Wispr Digital Otoscope.


The Wispr’s speculum provides access to small ear canals as well as the ability to navigate ear wax – positioning the camera in close proximity to the eardrum.


Quickly and easily obtain an image or video of the tympanic membrane with the Wispr that can then be closely evaluated, shared, stored or uploaded to an EMR.


The Wispr’s digital camera is located at the tip of the device – eliminating the ‘tunneling effect’ while delivering an improved and expanded view of the ear canal.


In a customer survey the ‘ability to easily share images with patients and parents’ was the most important benefit of the Wispr Digital Otoscope.

Improve The Ear Exam Experience For You & Your Patients

Customers are seeing a “wow” factor with patients and parents when they are able to see real-time images and videos from the ear exam.
“Patient’s are amazed at seeing what their eardrums look like. And the little ones love the pediatric mode that will actually have them asking you to look in their ears again. The Wispr creates powerful learning opportunities as you discuss findings from captured images – quickly accelerating diagnostic skills.” – Dr. Rebella

Wispr Solves The Shortcomings Of Other Devices

To better understand the benefits of the Wispr Digital Otoscope compared to other traditional and digital otoscopes watch the videos below.

Wispr Digital Otoscope
vs Traditional Otoscope


Wispr Digital Otoscope
vs Complex ENT


“It helps reduce the need for a second exam. I can get a video of the ear anatomy and show that to my supervising doctor. When I’m working with a medical student, I can watch their exam as they are doing it.”

Dr. Tustian

PGY-3 Emergency Medicine Resident

UW Department of Emergency Medicine

Digital Otoscope Review

In this WiscMed University article, WiscMed founder Dr. Jim Berbee compares five popular digital otoscopes. Read the full article which includes comparison chart, ear exam videos of each, write-up of each including pros and cons. 

Digital Camera Location

The location of the digital camera determines the ability of the digital otoscope to obtain a diagnostic view in the presence of obstructions such as cerumen. Read this Wispr University article which includes images and videos for comparison.

Initiate Antibiotics?

In this clinical case, the image of the ear shows increased vasculature and erythema consistent with crying. This is a good example of an ear presentation that could be mistaken for acute otitis media if you just had a very quick glimpse of the ear.  View the full case here.

Experience the Wispr Digital Otoscope

Many physicians are discovering the Wispr difference. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself with our no-obligation, free 2-week trial. Learn more about our 2-week trial.



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