WiscMed publishes, “2020 Best Digital Otoscopes Review,” a comparison of 5 digital otoscopes

November 13, 2020

Dr. James G. Berbee WiscMed Founder & CEO

WiscMed has completed a review of 5 digital otoscopes in the marketplace.  The focus of the review is on a selection of devices that can be used in the clinical environment.  The reviewed digital otoscopes are: WiscMed’s Wispr digital otoscope, Jedmed’s Horus+ HD video otoscope, Welch Allyn’s Digital MacroView, Firefly’s DE500 video otoscope and Teslong’s digital otoscope.

“I don’t know of any other comprehensive review for clinical digital otoscope users,” said Dr. Berbee.   “I wanted a review evaluating usability, camera capability, clinical workflow, display methods and features.  The example videos and images of 3 patients with various wax burdens using all 5 devices is particularly informative.”

Click here to read the article at WiscMed.com

Dr. James Berbee is a practicing emergency physician, an inventor of the Wispr digital otoscope and founder of WiscMed, LLC.

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