Copy of Wispr ® Digital Otoscope. A New Standard In Otoscopes.

The problem: A reliable view of the tympanic membrane in your clinic

Our solution. A familiar digital otoscope with optimized camera location.

Obtaining a view of the tympanic membrane (ear drum) is challenging in the best of circumstances. Add in an uncooperative child with a small ear canal and partial cerumen (wax) obstruction and your chances of success diminish rapidly.  We spent 5 years engineering a solution to this problem. The result is the Wispr digital otoscope. The Wispr digital otoscope is able to reliably obtain a view of the entire tympanic membrane, even in the most challenging situations.

These images illustrate the power of the Wispr as compared to traditional devices. The Wispr otoscope is able to navigate past wax and show the entire ear drum.

Watch the Wispr exam and see how easy it is to see the entire tympanic membrane. This is an exam of a 4 month old with significant cerumen.

Exam of a 4 month old with significant cerumen

The Wispr - Truly the First of its Kind


Unparalleled Views

Easily capture and review real-time ear exam video & images for diagnosis and to share with patients. The USB interface allows for video & image file download to store or for EMR upload.

The Otoscope. Reinvented.

“Our hope is that the availability of digital otoscopy in the office setting may improve our diagnostic skills and therefore lead to more judicious use of antimicrobials. This remains to be seen. Prospective studies need to be done, but it’s an exciting development.”

Dr. Ellen Wald

Chair, Department of Pediatrics

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health